Business Strategy

The Company’s primary investment thesis is contrarian investing in upstream oil and gas.  At present we are intent on acquiring conventional oil and gas assets in either corporate or asset transactions.  We are particularly interested in the acquisition of natural gas assets.  The overall strategy includes a combination of acquisition, optimization and development activities.  Our value creation drivers include building reserves and production followed by expanding acreage, development and exploration inventory.

Our business strategy includes:

  • Acquiring conventional oil and gas production and reserves through asset or corporate acquisitions or mergers;
  • Comprehensive field optimization, designed to increase production, lower per-unit operating expenses and therefore improve field economics;
  • Document and catalog development drilling inventory through internal review of new projects; and,
  • Development, exploitation and limited exploration activities intended to increase production and proved reserves, at such time as commodity prices dictate.

Our fundamental operating commitments are to:

  • Maintain a sound capital structure which provides Caerus with significant financial flexibility;
  • Control capital, operating and administrative costs; and,
  • Actively manage our revenue streams to acheive maximum price realizations.

This operating philosophy is intended to address multiple risks of oil and gas operations while providing our shareholders with significant upside potential.  Furthermore, we are focused on creating a stable and scalable operating platform that will have “staying power” in an industry that is volatile, unpredictable and subject to rapid changes.

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